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Green screen to web

Presto transforms your organisation’s outdated green screens (RPG and COBOL programs) and system menus into modern web-based GUI’s that are easier to access and use.

Develop powerful web apps

WebSmart is simply the fastest way RPG and other programmers can develop PHP or RPG web apps, web services and mobile apps.

Create real time web reports

Clover makes it easy to quickly create powerful IBM i web-based reports and queries.

IBM i business intelligence

Business i is a modern business intelligence solution for the IBM i, enabling you to view and analyse key business performance metrics quickly and easily.

Route, archive and manage faxes

Integrate directly with your enterprise applications to send, receive, manage and archive faxes with QuadraDocV.

Automated report distribution

Automatically and reliably distribute spooled files and PC reports in the format you and your colleagues want with the multi award winning Catapult.

Secure web portal

Nexus enables the set up of unlimited secure IBM i-hosted intranet and extranet web portals giving staff and external stakeholders access to enterprise level business information through a browser.

Document automation

Create custom designed forms, cheques and bar code labels with Formtastic through an easy-to-use desktop interface designer.

Extract and analyse

EZ-Pickin’s is a Windows-based report analysis and data mining tool which enables users to easily and efficiently get the information they need from virtually any electronic report.

Some of our products

IBM i (AS400) web portals


Create graphical spool files on IBM i (AS400)


Business intelligence for IBM i (AS400)


IBM i virtual FOIP


Introducing Jumpstart PHP on i

Deliver modern PHP applications on IBM i quickly with BCD Software, Zend and Proximity

Jumpstart PHP on IBM i brings together the best possible tools and services to enable you to quickly get up to speed for developing, deploying and managing modern web and mobile applications on the IBM i.

Our packages also offer significant discounts to help you maximise your investment in your IBM i

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Develop PHP applications on the IBM i (AS400)

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